Q&A – 14th September 2018

Q&A – 14th September 2018

May 14, What the blazing hell is that? We dedicate this article for the new buyers, the old buyers, for those who love them, for those who cannot stand them, for low tiers and high tiers, in short, for everyone. Because this tank brings out emotions from all of us. Have you ever got the feeling, that something just does not belong? A sale stunt for the biggest market on Earth became an every hour reality on all servers. Forerunner of the pay to win?

Kv 4 matchmaking

The event which WG organized was located in Minsk. Balance — Our balance team is now most satisfied with the Obj. If we decide to change any parameters, it will happen then.

The matchmaking stacking created credit-hungry hordes, ad-hoc teams, mostly impervious to frontal fire of desperate lower tiers, and with enough mobility to counter flanking attempts, to hunt down those who tried to dodge/escape them.

World of Tanks Console: This event is taking place from December 6, , to December 31, I will now give a brief summary for each of these premium tanks. This tank is very powerful when top tier, with excellent burst damage potential and decent armour. However, the tank does suffer significantly against tier 5 enemies and struggles to penetrate flat side armour of top-tier heavy tanks, even with premium ammunition.

This is best played at medium to close range where you can take advantage of its damage potential while being able to hide behind cover during your reload. You can see some awesome games that I have played with this tank on my YouTube channel here. The T E with F is a Soviet tier 4 premium medium tank with regular matchmaking, armed with an 85mm gun, and is identical to the Honour T E with F except for the lack of permanent camouflage. This tank features a hard-hitting gun which is even pretty reliable against tier 6 enemies.

With the gun being quite unwieldy and the tank not excelling in any other areas, it should be considered more of a turreted tank destroyer. This tank is best played semi-passively, not too far back because of its lack of accuracy, but not too far forward that the enemy can rush you. A patient player positioned just outside of the main fighting, in a bush, can cause absolute devastation with this tank. ISU except for the lack of camouflage. This is a designated sniper tank that requires careful positioning.

Team Battle Guide

Slow gets better with engine though Not the best overall angles Not so good alpha damage Gets tracked a lot this can however also be a pro Bad view range Bad gun depression Now that we know this we should try to make the most out of it and try to understand it better. So lets move on to modules. Modules As stock the KV-4 isn’t horrible but rather difficult to master.

World of tanks – comparing tanks side by side: vs. IS The development of the tank started in The project was to feature parts and components of medium and heavy tanks.

Now, with the introduction of Update 8. We, Fulcrum Gaming , would like to introduce everyone to this battle format by offering our insights into what we recommend for this type of play to remain competitive and have fun at the same time! While teams could play with fewer participants, they would lose 1 point per missing player. With that being said, teams could also play without fulfilling 42 points should that be a hinderance, but it is highly not recommended.

Skill-based matchmaking has been implemented into the sorting system for more competitive and fair matches. Each player will have particular Team Battle ratings assigned to them as they participate in more battles. However, everyone starts off the line equally in terms of ratings, whether it be professional or casual players. Therefore the first few weeks will be challenging and potentially discouraging for many until enough of a gap in ratings emerge. So, if you’re being pitted against professional players right now, please don’t give up!

The matchmaking system will kick in soon. On occasion, teams may find artillery to be useful in certain maps and strategies; we would not recommend it due to the uncertainty in map rotation and enemy lineups. There are a few things to consider in planning team composition. Generally, World of Tanks boils down to three factors: If one has watched professional World of Tanks matches, one would observe similar lineups used on the same map.

New Soviet TD, tier 7 KV-4 KTTS

Create New The community is absolutely rife with these. Within 24 hours of being released, the LTP , the tank that was gifted for free to all players as part of the celebration of Wargaming. It’s also sometimes referred to as the “Loltraktor Pro”, essentially referring to it as simply a refurbished Leichttraktor.

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Pros and Cons Pros: Gun is sorely inadequate for tier 8, lacking both penetration and accuracy to extreme degrees Armor is thick, but lacks any significant angles, and is riddled with numerous weakspots: This makes the KV-5 an excellent ramming tank, provided the enemy sits still at the bottom of a hill. The mm gun ZIS-6M gun is effective against porrly armoured vehicles, although the penetration is extremely poor for its tier.

The use of APCR ammunition is recommended, although even this struggles greatly. Its high rate of fire and fairly quick aim time can make the KV-5 a stark contrast to other KV-series tanks that players encounter. In addition, the shells are cheaper than those of its counterparts. If possible, try to remain at medium to long distances from the enemy. The greater the distance, the more difficult for the enemy to penetrate your armor.

The low turret traverse means you will have a hard time bringing your gun to bear at close ranges. However, if you get surprised by an enemy who’s already close to you, don’t stop. Stick close to your allies.

Release Notes

Unparalleled Cross Platform Support. Proven in Countless Games. Photon Realtime Features Develop and launch realtime multiplayer games globally whether you are an indie developer or a AAA studio. Create synchronous or asynchronous gameplay and code custom webhooks.

Configuration. Apply different configurations from the selection below to see how tank characteristics change in the right hand side bar.

R Heavy Tanks Soviet heavy tanks have good guns, are fast, and have strong armor; their frontal armor thickness makes them quite difficult to penetrate from the front unless weak-spots are targeted, and their sloping can lead to bounces even from high penetration guns. There are two lines: They tend to lose out in gun handling, accuracy, penetration, and Damage Per Minute compared to other heavy tanks, but their prolific alpha make them excellent at peek-a-boom and side-scraping fights.

It’s a Lend-Lease British tank. Not weapon wise, but for crew training: It has an additional crew training modifier on top of its premium tank modifier, making it the best crew trainer in the game. The 6 pounder is quite capable of ripping apart same tier tanks in short order, and does ok vs most tier 6’s. It used to have access to the mm long gun or the KV-2’s mm. Then again, it used to have to fight the MAUS. So maybe that was a welcome change when they split it into 3 tanks It passed into Red Army service on August 20, Also, the KV-1S had increased top speed, maneuverability, and durability.

Panzerakademie: Erfolgreich im Zug fahren

World of Tanks, being a Russian game, is slightly biased towards Russian tanks, or so many people claim. I had gotten tired of getting smacked around in US and German tanks, so I decided to take the plunge into the frigid waters of Mother Russia. Not my favorite tank. From the T you move to the KV-3 in Tier 7, which is probably my least favorite Tier 7 heavy tank. The main reason the grind to a KV-4 is awful is that each tank in the series is terrible in its stock configuration, with pitiful speed and horrible guns.

[ISSUE] – Gorynych KV-5 Matchmaking (fTanksConsole) submitted 2 years ago by saberwing Senior Community Manager We have identified an issue with the Gorynych KV-5 matchmaking and will roll out the fix tomorrow morning (Oct 4th).

Comments Introduction Welcome Komrad! Today you will learn about Russian tanks in War Thunder, and why they are superior to all! Background Information Most information found in this guide was found in sekrit Soviet Dokuments, and leaked by a unknown source in Gaijin studio via telegram. Anyway, the year is and Stalin’s 3 third plan is in effect. It was part of his 5 year plan to create the mighty Soviet Union.

Fearing fascist armor, since the Soviets had mostly large numbers of light tanks, he ordered Kirov Factory and ChTZ scientists to make a new kind of metal. This will be no metal known to mankind, first of its class, invincible What these mad scientists made was will be known to the War Thunder community as Stalilnium. First discovered as rock form of Limestone Magnesium Carbrate, when mixed with vodka and Stalin’s bodily fluids, it creates this magnificent piece of metal.

Location Stalinium is found in the heart of the Ural Moutains and is extracted to build today’s T Armatas, T ‘s etc

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Consumables include Cola instead of an Auto Extinguisher. Without Brothers in Arms, I have a 4. Why Not Camouflage Net or Binoculars? Scout tanks, as a class, have some of the highest camouflage rating in the game. A camouflage net is ONLY active when the player has been sitting still for 3 seconds, and the bonus disappears as soon as the player moves.

The ability to train camouflage as a skill improves the tanks ability to go undetected without a camouflage net.

Dec 05,  · The KV-4 is a match for any Tier 8 heavy tank, even some Tier 9 tanks and will dominate all lower tiers. The KV-5 requires much more strategy due to its weak spots and weak gun, but can be an effective bully of weaker tanks.

We think it will worsen the diversity of battles. One of early WoT PC versions tried to consider modules, but this system malfunctioned and was unpredictable. As far as the matchmaker is concerned, we have to use what we have. We are waiting for improvements from WoT PC team. After they die, it is unfair! Impossible to penetrate him, he is as fast as you You have lost already. Player should always have some chance to win, if I am in IS-3 at least I have some chance against enemy E75 in this situation, with IS it’s impossible!

This game is Blitz, maps, gameplay are different. Also many tanks and features from PC are missing too. Maps are much smaller.

Kv 4 World of Tanks Blitz The Block of Bounce

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